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Game currency

Many do not apply in the era of coins, so there will be a board game coins. To save costs, the general board games coins are cardboard. But in Manila (Manila) inside, but very under-cost plastic coins, touch the hands of great feeling. Of course, the original capital in the next game currency board games more than that, Kai Lvsi CAYLUS Collector's Edition directly to do with metal coins in the game.

Small pieces of wood are also widely used to record various board games money and usually with different colors representing different value for money.

If board games in general to use the money and record rounds are used for real money, such as coins, banknotes, and the specific locations in the game to place a marker plate to record the number of rounds.

But Chun Ling Temple (The pillars of the earth) is the opposite, the game is the most beautiful accessories, wooden auditorium role is merely labeled number of rounds, each round to put an end wood blocks, six rounds on the end of the auditorium built. The money is by placing a marker on the game board to record.