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the History of dice

According to legend, the inventor of the dice three times a writer Cao, originally used as a divination tool, and later evolved into the harem concubines games, craps bet points Dujiu or silk sachets and other items. Acupuncture was painted on the dice is black, was increased in the Tang Miao Hong. But in archeology, the earliest dice appeared in Egypt. Two thousand years ago in ancient Egypt, the dice is called astragal

Archaeologists have unearthed an ancient Egyptian tomb in the walls, painted with gambling drama after heel made of sheep's's called gambling astragal Such bones have four faces, and asymmetry, will each throw falls on one of the four faces.

"Jin Dynasty relics of the ancient magnetic, and have seen big stars inch dice, and ancient Egypt, Rome and India to explore the monuments in the dice, and the dice modern China and India, are identical" See Permanent Man: "Oriental Art Cong Tan, "Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House, 1984 edition, page 137. In this sentence, the invention should be from the West and then spread to China. )

Legend Emperor and Yang in the harem dice play, threatens to lose, only appeared 4:00 before being rescued defeat, this time there are a still rotate among the Emperor anxious hearts, they Lianhan "4! 4!" , it really is after the dust settles 4. Emperor a happy, let Gao Lishi proclaim that can Miaohong the dice, red is usually not mess with.

Since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, dice entertainment is basic decisions down, generally use three dice and dice cup down. The easiest dice cup wooden bowls or Wabo available alternatives, the following piece floor mat, while throwing dice dice cup with cover, not the dealer and the player knows dice. This approach mystique, create an atmosphere to facilitate the dealer to make the player polymerase bet. In the casino, there are beautifully produced, with gambling dice cup cup match, the name called Sic Bo. To prevent dealers carelessness roll dice or cheating, generation Gamblers Yip Hon invented the electric Sic Bo, so far still Macau casino use.