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What is the SLG

Miniatures (Wargame), also known as wargame, war games, mainly refers to military action simulation game. In fact, in the foreign category, SLG can be considered a kind of board game, but in the country, since most of the regular board game is more complex, so we used to separate these two types of games.

SLG's history

Wargame first appeared in 1811 in Prussia, and since then until now, has been used for professional military simulation and training research, and its birth as early as 100 years (except chess, chess, mahjong these traditional table games) than modern Boardgame . Since World War II, before being in the form of commercial products in the folk pop, folk issued in a variety of commercial wargame information in addition to quantitative data is different, but its engine system used in professional and military agencies wargame is not much difference.

SLG classification

According accessories, miniatures can be divided into professional and miniatures wargame miniatures. Wargames miniatures which we may appear more, more famous are the Axis and Allies series Axis & allies, replacement-style sandbox miniatures have Flames of War and so on.