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the types of board games

Board games is actually a very complicated complex, sometimes difficult to put a game just go to a classification to go inside. It may be the subject matter of each standard game, game mechanics, game situations so classified.

However, according to different dimensions, we can put into a number of categories of board games, these types are easiest game summed described. For example, I am now playing a party game, or playing a war game, and so on.

The most authoritative reference sites BGG classification board games, board games can be classified as follows:

Children's Games

Designed for children of low age of the game, general accessories more lovely, simple rules, mainly used for children's intellectual development. But it also applies to all kinds of festive occasions, back to nature. Typical representatives are plucked Games chicken cha cha cha, grunt Gulo Gulo and so on.

Abstract game

Is not an abstract game storyline, more abstract parts for the game, a typical representative of chess, chess and other volcanoes.

Theme Game

Topic game must have a background story, players may play a role in them, expand exploration and PK. Is a typical representative of the dark room, magic town Cry like.

Strategy Games

Burst brain games, the rules may not be very deep, but requires in-depth study of their gaming skills will have fun. A typical representative of Puerto Rico, Kailv Si and so on.

Party Games

The rules are simple, communication-rich games, the basic need to start the brain, for a variety of gatherings. Typical representatives are out to grab your money cash n gun, stacked layers and so on.

Family game

Jointly conducted for a family game, probably slightly strategy, but absolutely no intrigues appear. Typical representatives are trip ticket, Catan, etc.

War Games

In the context of the various war games may be a small skirmish, it could be spread to the whole universe of the Great War. Typical representative of the Axis and Allies Road Battlelore Series Axis & allies, war and so on.




Set to change the game


Players can buy their own, set up their own game accessory game, usually CCG, TCG, both games can be attributed to the replacement of such a model, a typical representative is Magic, Warhammer and the like.