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"Settlers of Catan" rule is...

"Settlers of Catan" rule is simple there is a certain depth, the game set diplomacy, dice, construction, management and other elements in hand a. Whether novice or veteran feeling to be able to play out, which makes the "Settlers of Catan" charm!

"SET" is a pattern recognition game, and before the introduction of the "Getting Started dual card" similar to the rules of the game are very simple, so simple that one minute you can finish the rules.

In this game, what story line, Foreign Affairs and Trade, dice, etc. all stroke point no. Players rely on in the game a little, and that is the reaction. See who meets the requirements of the card to find out who react quickly, who start early, looking right, whoever wins.

"SET" on the venue requirements are very low, you can basically have a place to play. It corresponds to the number of games is also very wide, either two people than reaction can also be multiplayer frag-fests, as long as people can play. All parts of the game cards are very easy to carry out, to recommend to the entry of new board games players.