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Getting Started dual card

In fact, the rules are simple and fun alone can not fully attract beginners, "Carcassonne" Another charm is nice. The game has done a very beautiful accessories, cute entourage signs, maps drawn card is also very beautiful, very top of the castle and other buildings with childlike.

So far, Num Voters on BGG could reach 23,000 or more board games only two models, one of which was "Carcassonne." So, just to play board games players must not miss this game.

Just mention the "Getting Started dual card", one is described above, "Carcassonne" and the other is the game next to the recommended "Settlers of Catan."

On BGG, "Settlers of Catan" is called "board games Getting Started" preferred, the reason is simply: Simple, fun. And "Carcassonne" like "Settlers of Catan" rule is relatively simple, the novice can quickly master the rules of the game, and can enter the state of the game in the first few rounds. Game does not request any text, nor the need to control a lot of things, just remember to take the player resources, roads, build a house, it is sufficient to expand the site.