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what is the good recommendation of bo...

Saying goes well, things are difficult. No matter what the situation, the beginning is always the hardest, play board games are no exception.

For example, let a person who never played board games direct play "Steel torrent", is sure to make him Zhangerhushang, scratching their heads.

Thus, for the first time playing board games, game entry must choose right, a board game for entry allows players to quickly immersed in the joy of the ocean. In this paper, we recommend three very suitable for entry table games.


In the board game industry, "Carcassonne" is known as one of the "Getting Started Dual Card", the reason is very simple, it is easy to learn and difficult to master.

Say it to learn, the core narrative Rule 5 minutes to complete, in addition to how to calculate the score, the other aspect of almost no memory; say it difficult to master, the game's strategy is very rich, basically every time you play, there will be new ideas and experiences.