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War Games

Did not experience the war people do not know what peace is more difficult, always wanted to experience the feeling of combat and command of pleasure.

War games just gave them a chance to experience the art of command. War games usually in the context of the fight, according to the scale of the battle can be divided into strategic level, operational level and tactical level. Strategic-level players to focus on the general overall planning, production and occupation of the region;

battle level is usually a specific campaign in the history of the background, players need to regulate the troops; tactical level will generally focus on a particular corner battles, and more test players commanding art. War Games theme since ancient times, from fantasy to reality nothing is there, the history of the war's most famous battles, or are able to find the corresponding game.

More fun strategic-level war game of "Axis & Allies" series, "Glory Road" and so on; campaign level masterpiece devaluation "Ardennes 44" and "Lost Victory"; tactical level devaluation "heroic battle" series and "Advanced infantry squad leader" series.